Occupational Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

Following safety rules saves lives.

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As an environmentally conscious organization that cares about future generations, pays attention to the principles of sustainability in material selection and architectural design, is aware of its social responsibilities, contributes to the national economy;

Based on the principle of continuous development and improvement, we plan, implement and take precautions for our products, solutions and activities that are compatible with the environment;

To plan our development and implementation activities in a way to prevent possible environmental pollution;

To work towards reducing environmental pollution as an indicator of our sustainable development;

To ensure efficient use of energy and natural resources;

To work towards increasing the environmental awareness of all our employees and suppliers;

Participating and supporting the activities of public and private organizations related to the environment, as well as fulfilling our legal responsibilities related to the environmental aspects resulting from the activities we carry out;

To inform our customers about the environmental impact of our products and solutions;

To apply occupational health and safety rules;

They are the basic elements in determining our goals and targets that will develop our Environmental Management System.

What we have done so far and what we will do in the future are open to the public's knowledge, and ensuring and maintaining environmental quality within the scope of Total Quality Management is Başçınar Hatipoğlu İnş. Singing. Ltd. Sti. It is our main duty as employees.