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Construction Contracting

BH/Inşaat has fulfilled its turnkey contracting works duly in accordance with the demands of our customers for many years. BH/Construction, which has a long history of eighteen years; He has realized many residential, industrial facility and commercial building projects in every corner of the country from Istanbul to Samsun, from Trabzon to Şanlıurfa. BH/Construction, which does not limit its field of activity to Türkiye; It stands out as a reliable brand that is preferred worldwide by drawing a successful, solid and stable graphic. BH/Construction, which can realize different projects; It continues its work by combining its ability to realize many different projects with an understanding of efficiency and quality, and makes a difference in the sector with this feature. Company; It carries out many projects in a wide range ranging from industrial complexes, repair and maintenance workshops, logistics facilities, mass housing, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and military facilities, building-housing projects, energy, communication and transportation projects.


Our company, which specializes in every stage of construction, follows the latest technology and techniques in the materials it uses, and brings solutions that will adapt to the design differences of its customers. Our company, which always aims to do the best, uses the best materials.



We deliver our work quickly and perfectly with the table type scaffolding system we use in our projects. We save our customers from labor, time and material.

We obtain extremely smooth, flat, non-deformation and wide concrete surfaces with the plywood reinforced concrete formwork we use, our H20 beams and steel belts. The frames of our table type scaffolds are produced automatically in gas metal arc welding robots. It is coated with electrostatic oven paint. Apart from our table type scaffolding, we also have adjustable props. It can be diluted and compacted depending on the different floor load. Thus, the optimum solution is obtained.