Architecture and Project Services

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Architecture and Project Services

Our company provides service with its experienced staff in architectural projects.

Architectural project design, which is one of the first and important steps in turning your investments into reality in the best way, is carried out by our expert architects. The basic principle in the architectural project design of BH/Inşaat; is that our customers can solve the best project at the most affordable cost. BH/Inşaat's long-standing knowledge and experience in construction is also reflected in architectural project designs, ensuring the continuity of construction and achieving the most appropriate results in terms of cost. 

Apart from architectural design and project, our company; It also provides services such as architectural preliminary project, application project, technical specification, summary of estimates and quantity preparation, shop drawing, As-built projects, 3D modeling. We provide services not only in architectural project design, but also in the follow-up of documents such as static, mechanical, construction license, settlement, municipality, public and private administrations of the construction.