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Construction Contracting

Company; industrial complexes, repair and maintenance workshops, logistics facilities, mass housing, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and military facilities, building-housing projects, energy, communication and transportation projects...
  • commitment

Reinforcement of Earthquake Risk Structures

As BH İnşaat, we always develop and apply reinforcement methods with an innovative perspective in buildings. In building reinforcement projects, structures are never used in standard reinforcement projects.
  • Structural Reinforcement

Project management

In the construction sector and especially in construction projects, project management services, which are important and accepted as necessary both in the world and in Turkey, are the construction of buildings whose implementation projects have not been completed.
  • Project manager

Architecture and Project Services

Our company provides service with its experienced staff in architectural projects. Architectural project design, which is one of the first and important steps in turning your investments into reality in the best way, is an expert in its field.
  • architecture

Portfolio management

REI Development started its activities in the real estate sector, which has been developing rapidly in our country in recent years, as a result of a structuring created by the needs. REI Development, primarily office, shopping mall, and logistics investments…
  • Portfolio Management
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We have high security requirements and the highest local certifications.


We guarantee quality in everything we do in our business and we take pride in that.

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The satisfaction of our customers is the most valuable gain of our business.

High performance

We offer dynamic solutions to our customers to suit the needs of the rapidly changing global environment.

Professional Staff

Involves of unknown risks and challenging regulations.

Unique Solutions

By offering you bigger, better, faster and more powerful projects, we meet your needs at the highest level.

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