The construction of the hospital project with a closed area of 18.000 m2 on Dudullu Street in Ataşehir is being carried out by our company. Since the building, which was built and designed as a hospital, is on the main arteries for transportation and is surrounded by roads with heavy traffic, it was necessary to perform ground improvement, shoring and piling works before excavation. Since the floor heights are for hospital use, the scaffolding and formwork system to be used was selected industrially, table type scaffolding and H20 beams were used. Occupational safety measures have been taken in accordance with the OHS legislation and all personnel have been trained. While the rough construction was going on, a list of needs was created for the finishing works, and furniture and decoration products suitable for the architectural concept were selected. Facade material selection and application were made by us, and impermeable and durable materials in accordance with the legislation and regulations were preferred. Mechanical and electrical designs from contractors for application in fine works were made suitable with construction projects, and the selection and application of materials were made by us.