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Portfolio management

REI Development started its activities in the real estate sector, which has been developing rapidly in our country in recent years, as a result of a structuring created by the needs.

REI Development is an organization that provides services in the fields of Development, Valuation, Investment Consultancy and Brokerage Services for commercial, residential and mixed real estate projects, especially commercial projects such as office, shopping mall, and logistics investments. You can work with us to achieve your goal. We are pleased to serve you in the best way with our experience and knowledge in the sector in line with our principles and values.

Our investors max. We produce and manage projects with the methods we have developed for profit. 
Investment Management:
Investment Management studies will basically go through three main phases:
Product Development, Funding, Design and Construction
During the Product Development phase;
The “Best and Most Effective Use Study” of the land should be done, ideas should be formed on joint solution methods with the local government and the environment, a schematic and conceptual mass design should be made, tested with market data, design and investment stages should be determined, and the feasibility study should be finalized.
In the Financing Procurement stage;
Work should be done in cooperation with real estate consultancy companies, letters of intent should be obtained from banks/institutions that can give potential loans, and financial documents should be prepared to ensure optimum level of credit.
In the Design and Construction phase:
A design (project) team should be formed, a detailed and explanatory presentation should be prepared for design approval, a "Project Management Office" should be established to work under the owner of the land, the construction should be divided into phases if necessary, and the design and construction activities should be continued according to the stages. should be completed by coordinating with sales. 

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